Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We had our 1st haiku slam tonight at wednite poetry. What a fabulousevent!

Haiku night big hit
five seven five syllables
fit, end with a twist

We had our 1st haiku slam tonight at the Wednesday Night Poetry Series. Three little lines can hold so much. So many funny, clever haiku! I couldn't stop laughing and my uncle who always leaves early forgot to go home. And there were also gorgeous haiku followed by a pause then a collective gasp of surprise or awe.

Jerry Brooker and Frank Chambers came out of hiding armed with many haiku and Ernie Daruka, Sandra Mally, James Joseph Buhs, Dan DeRosa, Barb Stout and I all pulled our haiku shorts out of respective dusty notebooks or wrote a bunch of new ones for the occasion. This short form with a twist worked particularly well for James' pun-a-riffic styling. The final bout was between James and Dan. And after a close fight it was Dan who became our first haiku slam champ!

We all had an enlightening and entertaining time. Louise Sieviec surprised us by reading two traditional haiku in the original Japanese during the open myk. Jim Whiteside read a poem he wrote for Terry McLain. Barb Stout read beautiful haiku from a little book of them she had printed up quite a few years back. It was a grand and successful experiment! I suspect this will not be the last haiku night at WNPS.