Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ex Tenebris Rising, 15th Alternative Spoken Word Reading at BoweryPoetry Club

I went into the New York City with poets Faith Vicinanza and Robin Sampson. Faith was on the feature roster at  Ex Tenebris Rising (Out Of Darkness Rising) The 15TH Annual (2009) Alternative New Year's Day Spoken Word / Performance Extravaganza! 2pm to midnight - 150 Performers plus Open Mike all at the Bowery Poetry Club

Robin read two poems in the open myk and I read one.  It was one (below) that I wrote while waiting for the event to start. As it turned out, I was second on the open myk or this poem might have been longer.....  Click the picture to view the video Robin shot with my camera or read the poem below:

Here in the rolling unscrolling cavern
of the Bowery Poetry Club
all pin-lights and iridescence
all waves and splatter.
Here in the crescent moon
art-bearing arch of everything
this chasm in black and brick
of frack and frick
and poets' word-whacked, bic-clicked madness
their voices expanding, concentric, universal