Sunday, October 5, 2008

Northbeast '08 - some wild performances

This weekend was the NorthBeast - the Northeastern regional team slam in Cambridge.  I went to this at the last minute last year at the request of White Plains  slam boss Zork.

At his request, I made the trek again this year -Zork at the wheel and L.V. riding shot gun, and some computerized gizmo shouting out driving directions.  We were down a body as Zork's friend "the NUN"  broke her ankle at the last minute and could not come. Simone kindly assigned us a ringer poet - Steve who was absolutely hysterical and an excellent slammer. He out-scored all of us - even with his help it wasn't enough and  at first, according to the scores read that night, we were the bottom team in our four team bout with Hampshire College, New Jersey and  Worcester. This was the first bout of the evening at the Cantab Lounge Underground.

UPDATE  10/9 - however, LV wrote to say she checked the website NorthBeastRegional on myspace and  we actually came in third over Portland Maine.  (shown below!)
8pm @ the Cantab Lounge
Worcester, Mass 116.8
Lincroft, NJ 115.7
White Plains, NY 108.5
Portland, Maine 107.0
 It was fun - lots of wild angst, indignation, hysteria and hysterically funny, clever poems well-performed. People had a lot to say - and there were several time penalties given - and our brave judges did a wonderful job - and they were fast too!

All in all, though I am not much of a partier, am older than most of these folks (yes I am) and utterly out of my element, I had fine time none-the-less. I howled till I was out of wind for the fine performances.  D.J. Muse added musical backup to the evening, and spun out some tunes afterwards as well.
Because of some babysitting snafu's for L.V. we left about 12:30pm  instead of staying the entire weekend as we had planned.  That meant we had to miss some workshops which I bet were great, and  the Individual Slam Saturday night at the Y where the top poets from Friday's round would compete.  On the plus side, this early departure  got me home in time to attend the dedication of the Peter Vicinanza Memorial Garden.     Things work out well sometimes.