Saturday, October 11, 2008

At Sub-Q an emergency verse arrives!

At Sub-Q this morning, Alice-Anne Harwood gave us a writing prompt - a quote from Eli Cleary who was not there today.  Apparently, under circumstances too complex to explain here, Eli said the following words ---  "Can you hurry this up? I have to call 911."  Naturally Alice-Ann wrote it down. It's always a danger when your friend is a writer, that something you have said will appear in print at a later time..... Of course you can always quote them right back....   Eli is a writer too.
     Based on that line-prompt, I wrote following. It's not what I consider a poem but it's really a verse....

I hear the doorbell,
see the truck.
(Don't driveway pavement
sellers suck?)
Yet over there
my neighboor's door,
- a hole that wasn't
there before!
And smoke 'n flame
in minor form
now billow from
his upstairs dorm!
Can we speed this up?
No sale! We're done!
I need to go
call 911!