Monday, September 29, 2008


Note: of course looking back at this from June of 2009 - have we got a bailout....

Wow and the Dow tanks at one point down 700 points - that's more than Black Monday... The world is changing. Here it goes.... The Dow is now up and down one minute you look and its down 500 then down 659 then at 443 Yikes going up and down by a hundred points in seconds...... It's a wild roller coaster..... Ah well - let the card house tumble - here it goes -- hold on!

ADENDUM 5:46pm -- The Day ended down 777 points - I think that's a historical record for a single day. Mr. Cramerica says it could go down another 2500 points before it's done.... The holdouts were 70 Republicans and 90 some Dems. According to news reports, some were fielding constituent mail 100 to 1 against the plan.