Friday, September 19, 2008

Matt Scott – incredible musician at Molten’s open mic

Well, I went down to the open mic at Molten Java and I signed up to play. Got there late and was last person on the list. The MC was a fella named JD who helped each act set up, and tapped the one to go next.

There was a guy there, Matt Scott, who was a true master of his craft – he played an instrumental guitar piece entirely using the hammer-on technique. While I have heard people use that in a variety of ways over the years and use it a little my self — I HAVE NEVER HEARD ANY THING LIKE THIS – I was transported by the wax and wane of it. The guy is an incredible instrumentalist who really knows his axe. He was able to clearly delineate a melody with accompaniment and a base line and express a full range of dynamics from Pianisamo to Forte!! Later, at the very end he sang a piece and YIkes he is a great and expressive singer as well.

Matt also played a rather unique instrument which he called a harp guitar … it was a beautiful acoustic with a sort of sculptural extension and a second neck and gear head. The second head held bass strings. On this he once again played both a regular guitar line and the base part….

Another really cool thing that happened was at the very end, JD played “Lola,” with Sean, that crazy singer-performer-poet guy from Wed Nite Poetry – Sean sang and played harmonica…. At first it was pretty low key, but then Sean sort of went crazy and it was very amazing to watch and hear!!! I really enjoyed that number a lot.

A fellow named Neal (also from WEd Poetry) played some folks style songs on an electric guitar, and a young man who’s name I didn’t get played well.

There were also quite a few of the usual folks who play and run out, not stopping to hear the rest of the room.

I played three songs. LEt the Wind Blow Me Away, REady to Fall, and Wishing Stone. Got a nice response though I felt pretty rusty. All in all I had a great time!!! Go MOLTEN JAVA!!!!