Sunday, July 20, 2008

Week long saga of Apple's unfinished, buggy MobileMe upgrade

In the interests of this blog not turning into a litany of complaint about Apple's transition from dotMac to MobileMe - I have put the saga into this single post.


Things seem to be working much better today. Where is there a large board so I can knock on wood?? HaHa. More later Actually, rather than have all these whinning posts I am going to consolidate the saga.



I was finally able to get some info back from my iDisk. maybe the one million iPhone newbies were having dinner and not hogging all the bandwidth....


July 18


Yes I already installed all the requisite MOBILEME updates for my operating system. Fat lotta good that did.

Apple's status says one percent of users cannot access web mobileme mail but all other services are working . WHAT A LOAD THAT IS. I still can not mount the iDisk. It still has not returned a file list, after 40 minutes. I give up. One again I tried to access it through MobileMe using safari. It let me up load two files, but when I tried to create a folder - it does so without asking me for the folder's name. Then it hangs - and WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO RENAME THE UNTITLED FOLDER. After that everything is frozen, even after emptying the browser cache, and nothing more can be done to the iDisk. This makes my web work impossible to do. Now I check again. The file list from the desktop iDisk still has not mounted.

If this is "working" I would hate to see not working. of course this is Days after MobileMe's launch. BACK!

While it is a complex thing they have tried to do - it is a truism that one does not FIX something which is not broken. DotMac was NOT broken. The company bit off more than it could chew with ONE MILLION new iphone users, and the roll out of the IDIOTICALLY NAMED MOBILEME - (a name only a teenager could love.)



July 16 or 17?

MobileMe, ie APPLE, engenders a snafu for folks with domains still in sites folder.

With all the mysterious machinations of the MobileMe transistion. For a while I thought all was well but now that I have republished some of my iWed sties, some of my domains are not working. OutoftheMist, and several other domains I had now return errors from MobileME DOTMAC APPLE - I am thankful BentPin still works. However that is in the "web" folder - and is published with iWeb. The sites that are problematic are strait HTML and reside in the homepage "sites" folder, though they were not made with homepage. In its paternalistic wisdon APPLE has programed the new MobileMe, so that Domain names can apparently only be associated with an iWeb page not with the old HOMEPAGE folders where I had several living - not generated with iWebs 50 ton codes.

I am frustrated with Apple. I was going to get an iPhone next year. Maybe I will get a Google phone instead.