Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BBC reports Senate passes Eye of Sauron Law

I noticed an amazing revision on the BBC news channel today.

The first headline on this story was


To complete the display there was a picture of the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings movies. The article referred to that founding fathers quote that says he who would compromise freedom for security deserves neither.

However, - immediately somebody did some editing. Seconds after beginning this post I returned to the article and found it well - radically changed. It also now notes that Barack Obama voted in favor of the bill....

It seems some honest BBC reporter simply called a spade a spade - then one of two things happened 1) the reporter changed his mind or 2) an editor changed his article. One or both of them were soft-pedaling what the senate did (and the house before them) because they didn't want to damage Obama? GEEEZ. Rethinking their instincts because a someone BIG held a contrary opinion... Isn't that just what the US media did when George and Dick were talking up the threat of WMD in Iraq?????

Sorry dear OBAMA - but this wretched law excuses past sins in wiretapping by the government in cahoots with ATT, Sprint/Nextel etc. It also expands and continues the president's spying powers. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? WHAT's THE MATTER WITH YOU FOLKS in CONGRESS? (Dear Lawmakers - Has Karl ROVE been sending you all love notes noting your past sins? He probably knows all YOUR secrets from the first period of warrantless wiretap. OBAMA is probably the first one George will use the new law against! After all according to right wingers there is no greater threat to national security than a Harvard Liberal ie an educated man with an open mind who cares about the little guy!!) HAHA!

In any event, for the foreseeable future - mums the word. Don't type it, don't say it.
Imagine George ordering your endless, anonymous incarceration (or secret excommunication by Blackwater mercenaries ) all for what you dream at night......