Friday, June 13, 2008

Military cheating soldiers out of rightful help

Nation Magazine has estimated that the Military is saving around $8 billion dollars. You might think that they are economizing by getting a deal on equipment. NOT. They are cheating soldiers who have served them well. They are discharging long term soldiers for so called pre-existing mental disorders - disorders not discovered until after ten or twelve years of service. Ten or twelve years that included repeated mental health screenings that found nothing wrong. If not for mental defect, these men are discharged for misconduct when they fall apart with untreated Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or for Traumatic Brain Injury. Once they are discharged not only do they not get the help they need for treatment - THEY ARE FORCED TO PAYBACK RE-ENLISTMENT BONUSES somethings over $10,000 dollars. Many of these soldiers asked for help, but their requests were denied.

What kind of country have we become? We ask men to give their lives to a trumped up war, then throw them away like used cars when maintenance costs loom.