Friday, May 9, 2008

Inverse Origami - a poem from Inverse Origami

Instructions for a Timed, Juried Performance:
(hear the author read this poem)

Be sure to
to unfold yourself
as the music begins
or the universe

will unfold another like you
less, perhaps, or more
or in another key
but similar enough.

Chaos conjures you
out of the void
can conjure an army
of you if need be

like you, less, or more
but not you not quite you
not you in all your intricate detail.
You've come this far - unfold.

Don't make them call you twice:
flatten out the soul
until geometry recedes

and winds roar
through you the code
written there
time's sweeping hand.

Unfold before the shredder,
before the trashman turns you on end
before the recycle plant
dissolves you to pulp


from Inverse Origami - the art of unfolding
--- Mar (Mistryel) Walker, © 1998
Puzzled Dragon Press