Sunday, January 7, 2007

Oil Pastel: Vivacity of generations

This is mixed media in the physical sense, as opposed to the digital sense. This a non-digital work. I drew this in the living room sitting on the couch while watching Monk over several weeks. First I did a sketch with a ball point pen/ Then I had a big box with crayons, craypas, whiteout, magic markers, pencils, a few pastels, a white touch up stick, a jackknife for scraping and a blender. I used them all in this work, which is on heavy paper. This sense of atmospheric vivacity here is characteristic of my recent stuff. Her hair is almost electric or Medusan but so is the world that surrounds her. The child is problematic here, and seems to be studying or looking for something, regarding her hipster-mom in the foreground with some anxiety. Maybe I have been hearing too much Ferlingetti and Ginsberg.