Friday, April 1, 2016

April 2016 Poem A Day #1 - Broken


glasses, plates, mirrors,
ashtrays, mugs, bottles, bowls,
candle holders, coffee carafes,
every item of glass
in small pieces on the floor,
three inches deep
everywhere here
in this studio apartment,
testament to anger
pent up
from love
and fearing
she sweeps it all
takes out the bags,
buys paper plates
before he gets
                  - Mar (Mistryel) Walker

This was written using Robert Brewer's April 1st prompt for the April 2016 Poem A Day Challenge on the Writer's Digest web site which directed participants to write a foolish poem where the writer was foolish or where there was a prank of some kind.    This is not so much a prank but a crisis in a one party's perception of a relationship, and a decision by that person not to bring it up - yet.