Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Words inspired by Susan Green's cool art


A flotilla of single cells pressing together.
A splash of lifesavers and belt buckles 
or donuts with sprinkles here or there.
Pairs of chromosomes considering the future. 
A random collection of empty picture frames in storage.
The nested shells of whirling electrons.
A jumble of jellyfish or curly fries in colors.
Every planet or light switch in all the universes known or not,
as seen from an angle in a singularity, 
All converging to a single rectangle.  Tangle.
                                                    - mad mar mistryel walker

This artwork called Pastel Wonder by artist Susan Green was displayed at ARC of Westchester Gallery 265 in Hawthorne in their Side by Side exhibition and is included in the show's booklet. I think it won some kind of award at the reception on April 19 2015.

The reception was quite a lot of fun with host Zork Allen, a bunch of poets, artists, ARC clients and their families and some wonderful art and a couple fun film shorts. Hope they do it again next year.