Thursday, June 12, 2014

i'm on an Open Mic binge

Things changed a bit at home and I am on a binge of getting out hearing live music and open mic singing! Yay! Before this I was on a binge of staying home and watching reruns. The change was brought about because my caree's meds were rescheduled while she was briefly in a rehab facility recently. She is doing well on the new regime! Partly I am spurred by the thought that things could change again at any time and I should get up and get out while I can...Also in the extremes of cold and heat I am less inclined to venure out. So while conditions and weather are favorable - I have been checking out various open mics -

  • the Tuesday Open Mic at the Hideaway Kitchen Bar in Ridgefield hosted by Fred Ball, 
  • the brand new Thursday Open Mic at River Bistro hosted by Chris Ellis (former of Tuesday Open Mic at 59 Bank), 
  • the open mic at the new Town Crier in Beacon NY hosted by Don Lowe, and the 
  • Wednesday Night open mic at the All-American Valley General Store (not sure of the hosts name) in Seymour.
People have been so kind! Great audiences and some fantastic music.

I've also heard recent and wonderful performances by Don Lowe at the "Grovin' in New Fairfield" series,

Shannon McMahn at Kolekolo World Coffee in Middletown,

 Two Dollar Hat at Vivo in Danbury,
and of course the wonderous Pears at Fast Eddies in New Milford. No photo for that. Sorry.