Sunday, February 2, 2014

Poet Guss Stepp

I've been thinking about Poet Guss Stepp who died in 2007. I always have wondered how his name came to be spelled that way, but I guess I am never going to know that now. I didn't know him well but admired his work. He always had a great smile and something engaging to read at his featured readings and at open mics. He sent poems to me when I was editor of Bent Pin Quarterly and subsequently died before he could see his work online in Bent Pin. Today I thought I would collect and offer some links.

Guss Stepp on Wednesday Night Poetry's archive:

Guss Stepp passing noted on Stamford Writes:

Guss Stepp's work in Bent Pin Quarterly:
        1)  Existance
        2) The Blues is
        3) Looking For Vincient
        4) The Ghosts Of Halloween