Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CL&P not to blame - CT A.G. Jepsen is wrong


I am not a corporate shill, nor am I even a corporate enthusiast.
And our new CT Attorney General Jepsen is wrong wrong wrong on this issue~

What issue? Blaming them for the damn weather and for our own negligence in not allowing tree trimming. Ask any tree warden in Fairfield County. They have to practically plead with homeowners to remove even diseased and dying trees.

Connecticut's tree-loving "Don't touch my trees" nature lovers must acknowledge that their stance gravely increased the severity of power outages during last august's bone-crusher storm which struck when the leaves were in full leaf, bringing down hundreds of trees across the state culminating in on of the longest power-outages in recent history.  And - which the whole state seems to want to blame on CL&P.

There are lots of things on might legitimately blame them for. Not this though. Punishing the corporation by imposing penalties, as Jepsen calls for - penalties which the rate payers will ultimately shoulder - is just counter-productive. We did this to ourselves. 

I am a tree lover, I am a tree hugger in fact. If I can say it, so can you.

Contributing to the chaos was the blind arrogance of wealthy ME-FIRST towns who thought their power restoration was more important that other areas of the state -  and who complained unceasingly, and yet refused to stay off the roads where powerlines lay live under tree limbs they refused to have trimmed earlier in the year. 

If you want a real issue - let's concentrate on THE OVER FILLED SPENT NUCLEAR FUEL POOLS right here in CT which I'd bet still hold every fuel rod ever used in the state.   No it doesn't go away.