Friday, January 27, 2012

Molten's new digs, and events

One notable thing that happened in January was the opening of Molten Java in its new location at 213 Greenwood Ave, in Bethel, CT. A lot of elbow grease went into this opening and it shows: everything is gorgeous.  This is a day shot of the front room.

There appears to be renewed interest in evening activities too. This was my vantage point for viewing last night's Open Mic - from the stairs you can see the whole room. Below, there was not a chair to be had with a view of the performers. It's a packed house these days. go early if you want a seat.

Nicholas Wells and his group played, Sal Saldagdo, Justin Virga, the host (whose name escapes me), young folks named Megan, Holly, etc. A few read poems.  Neal and Richard the old picker were there too. The list was long. I got a bit clastrophobic a little after nine and Henry Cort and I went home without playing. It was just as crowded the week before also. Maybe third is the charm.

There is a gallery upstairs and tonight from 6-8pm is an art show reception for Katie Bassett and Thomas Nackid whose work is up there right now.

At 8 Seth Lefferts plays. Might have to check that out since the Pears are not on....  Some events are sometimes listed here