Sunday, November 13, 2011

Musical Marriage Proposal Seen At Molten

When you visit small locally owned venues, you just never know what might happen. I joined a friend for dinner last night at Molten Java, and we gabbed long enough so that a pair of musicians appeared and started setting up some interesting equipment.

Anna and Mike who may at times may call themselves, The Kitchen Sink Boogie or The Connecticut Vanilla Beans,  play a mean blues blend.  The instruments and voices have a nice back and forth conversational quality.  Sometimes one sang, sometimes the other - often doing music by blues greats, with an occasional harmonies, and some original songs thrown into the mix. Anna plays a Kirk Resonator with a flashy, silvery plate over the guitar's opening. Mike bends an all-electric with a whammy bar, a well-used slide and nice amp effects.

Then came the second surprise. About halfway through the evening, Mike began to sing an original song to Anna, and suddenly the lyrics said (more or less)  "I love you Anna B. I love you Anna B. I'm asking you to marry me....."  Then Mike stopped and presented Anna with a jewelry store bag and inside it was a box with an engagement ring...... Looked like a yes to me - a happy ending or rather a new beginning.