Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A poem on a drawing: Free Space

From the archives:

Free space,
defined by what it's free of...
the grace, the drape, the liquid
air, where shuffling gauze
gives way, writing the bend
of torso, an ambition of words,
of space, of not often enough
exploring, hiding
or not hiding,
the cloth that tells
betrays the careful
covering and uncovering,
the moving and falling,
the piling of layers taken
away, removed as
we find our - silence.
-- a poem and drawing by Mar Walker aka Mistryel

This is an extended doodle, and all of the words of the poem appear in the drawing. I drew this during a lecture at a conference on metaphor and the book ta few years ago.  It was done in a little leather book that is very small. The medium is pencil. I have boosted the contrast to make it easier to see.  It is one of a handful of  small works where I have tried to combine drawings with words....