Thursday, January 20, 2011

PAINTING: The Glaring Irregularity again

Update Mar. 9, 2011  This painting drives me to drink well, coffee.

VOLCANO PIC CHANGES AGAIN!! And Again! And Again. And Again.

Updated Jan 20, 2011 -->  "The Glaring Irregularity!" This painting has gone from just odd, with a Greek classically clad family standing at an angle, to bizarrely dragonesque, to google earth meets black velvet, to Google earth meets VanGoh to lava spill in candyland. At this point it is all about undulation, oscillation, periodicity somehow. Everything comes in waves in this pic now.  Although I like this version in someways, I miss the very first version with all the crazy eccentric lava.  Sigh. Let's give it a few days and see....

I am beginning to understand something. I need to preserve the eccentricities somehow, but in a way that serves the overall composition. I am most likely to use this cronic revisionism when I don't have an overall composition in mind at the start of the painting. Scroll down for pervious versions.

PREVIOUS UPDATE  -- I have altered this so many freaking times and still I am not statisfied with this painting. I would like to be able to throw it out. But I just can't. I need to nail it down in some way that pleases me for more than five minutes. But in the night version here, the smoke bothers me. I want something to unify the composition. ( I think because of the previous tentacles picture it became parallel lines.. hmmm.)

After  seeing pictures and videos of Mr Etna erupting in Italy -  I just had to revise  this picture!!!  MORE RED!!!  that's what  Eli Cleary told me.  Okay I am not yet done with it..... and of course I am nuts.  I just can't seem to stop. I actually showed the second to last version of this. But it still bothered me. Someone said the lava looked like a dragon. And I could see it didn't follow the land contures but seemed vertical somehow.  SO here is yet another incarnation of the same canvas. I might change the title too.

PREVIOUS UPDATE:  Below is the version that I showed at Artwell in 2010: Between The Darkness and The Deep. What promoted me to change that one is I couldn't get the lava to lie down on the landscape.. hmmm. I don't know what's come over me, painting a semi-readable landscape. My usual fair is oddities like the very first version at the bottom .

I like  the early eccentric version a lot. It is a  completely different painting that I wish I still had!   Apparantly I am painting the eccentricity right out them I think and I don't know why! I seem to be going though a pseudo reality phase....  It might have to do with my new reading glasses.  I had  quite a stigmatism in the left eye which some new glasses correct. When I first used them, every thing on the right seemed bigger than it should. In the original version, what prompted me to begin changing things was I could figure out what the people were standing on. Then I couldn't figure out where the horizon was since the Island was tilted. Probably due my stigmatism.  I guess my brain had learned to compensate..... To the left is the lava that looked like a dragon. To the right is my favorite version: