Friday, September 10, 2010

Sculpture in clay, from a live model

This is a larger sculpture f(or me I mean) - about 14 or 15 inches high. I made it during a class at Wooster Community Art Center quite a few years ago,. The instructor was Janice Mauro who does a lot of cool work with figures in enclosures, and with patinas that have an incredible depth.  We had a live model for the class. I had previously sketched a live model before but working in three dimensions was quite different.  This has some cracks in it now. The back of the base is broken, as is one hand. I still like the lines though.

I also took a class at Wooster with Alex Shundi, but in that class we worked with terra cotta clay. Shundi is another great instructor. I have fond memories of both of the classes I took at Wooster. I wish the center was still open.