Tuesday, December 15, 2009

10 AM poetry reading not too early for Doris Henderson fans!

When I heard Doris Henderson was giving a reading from her new full length poetry book called "What Gets Lost," at the Danbury Library, I was excited. I am a big fan of poetry of the surreal, and poetry with a sense of humor and Doris hits the mark on both counts. When I heard it was a 10 AM reading on a Saturday, starting just as the library opened its doors,  I wondered if the usual suspects would manage to be up and out of the house that early on a Saturday. I made sure to arrive early and sat down with poet Bob Taylor in the front row, didn't look behind me until later.

At the end of this wonderful, energetic and funny reading -- the best I have ever heard Doris give -- I got up turned around and realized there were over thirty people in the room who had been pin quiet listening to her read. And they were not shy about buying a copy of her new book either. It's an oversized collection from Antrim House - an inch at the spine with a $19 price tag. Great cover art as well.  Click here to read the publisher's page on this book and some poetry excerpts

At the end, there were questions. Someone wondered where she got her ideas.  Doris mentioned that she kept a notebook where she wrote for at least ten minutes every day, sometimes much longer. The writing was a completely  unedited "free write" of whatever comes to mind.  She said that later, sometimes a long time later, she would go back and find in those writings, the start of a poem....    Hmmm might have to try that!