Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Song: It's love that makes you free

Here is yet another song resurrected from my past. I am testing a new mic on this recording and it looks like it's a move in right direction. The mic is a Blue Snowball. So far so good. For other recordings I have had trouble with distortion on loud or high notes and had to jump through technical hoops to minimize it. This mic seems to handle it all well.. Just a bit a reverb added to this one no noise control needed.

Just a note: It's NOT romantic love nor religious nor spiritual love that I think sets anyone free -- it's the aspect of love which is accepting self and others as they really are - as full human beings with both virtues and vices - with a rational mind, a slippery core of emotion from the rat brain too.....

It's love that sets you free
by Mad Mar Walker

Stubble-Bearded Papa
What have you got to say?
We never did that much talkin' anyway
Half of what you tell me
I know it is a lie
The other half is guaranteed to make me cry

Love won't grow that easily
It's raging up like the sea
Love it is that pains your heart
And It's love that makes you free

Weather can be sunny
Weather can be mean and bad
Love can be sweet
it can be sour and sad
Try to start a fire in the pouring rain
You can light the body
Buddy, can you light the brain?


I've known my share of stubborn old men
One or two I'd like to see again
Faces like sand paper
hearts like stone
Breathing fire they burn you
right to the bone

coda: It's love that makes you free

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