Saturday, February 14, 2009

Six Shijin on a little stage with big drum set

Yes I am aware it's Valentine's Day. That is not the topic of my post....

This post is about the Shijin's adventure performing our newest set "Undone" in New York City on Friday the 13th... Nothing terrible happened. Nothing scary. No blood at all.....

Instead it was a train-riding, subway-packing, walking-down-the-streets-'n-gawking adventure. Shijin's trip to the Cornelias Street Cafe and back home again lead us by no less than five beautiful subway tunnel musicians some on keyboard, some on guitar - one Andesmata-like group, and one pair of masked mimes. We also noticed everywhere we went there were men scurrying about carrying flowers!!! Especially red carnations and red roses.. After initially walking in the wrong direction, we still arrived early at the cafe - wanted a bite to eat and coffee - BUT NO - the maître d SENT US AWAY! So we went somewhere else for food and caffeine. Too bad. A little corner pastry parlor got our cash instead.

Later people were lined up waiting to get in the Cornelias Street Cafe's downstairs room to read at the open myk. And, Wow, we Shijin just fit on the carefully arranged stage - the six of us along side a big drum set, ready for the jazz event that followed the poetry.... We got a chance to renew our conversations with some folks from the Annual New Year's Day alternate poetry readings (Bowery Poetry Club) and meet a few new poet-friends too.

The crowd -- oh my they were a fabulously attentive audience. You couldn't have wanted a better audience. Afterward, we all had a sumptuous Italian meal at Trattoria (again not at the Cornelias Street Cafe...) Trattoria had a very accommodating maître d who put 4 or 5 small tables together to so our large party could dine.
There were six Shijin and six friends - see the photo where Eli is taking a photo down the row of our tables as I am taking a photo of her.) And such an attentive wait staff! I had the Calamari in Marinara sauce which was perfectly executed, very tender and savory! Bravo Trattoria! (Or should that be Brava.....)