Friday, August 8, 2008

Comcast: the right hand doesn't agree with the left hand

I don't mean to complain. But I will.

After losing a few channels in the Comcast lineup which have gone "digital" we thought we'd check out what the digital package entailed. I registered online, to mange the account. Then I searched for what packages you can sign up for. Then I couldn't figure out if the $29.99 price for digital starter was in addition to our current 60 dollar bill. so i entered a "chat" - and I had to wait nearly an hour to get into it -- I think maybe I was connecting to India or somewhere very remote from Comcast. Who knows. After extensive questioning as to whether it would cost MORE than our current bill - and requestioning to make sure (I really grilled her) I concluded that as I was told, it would just cost us $29.99 for six months and $52 dollars plus change thereafter.

Then I tired to sign up and with a few clicks I was in another chat. But that person told me I wasn't eligible for the 29.99 basic digital starter, because I was already a customer....

Comcast. We are bidding our time. But you will be disconnected from this house....

I have both transcripts.