Wednesday, February 20, 2008

POEM: Busybody (from Inverse Origami)

Poems curl to a pointlike skunk cabbage in the mind

pungent purple and green verse,

smooth lines speckled with rhyme.

Poets dawdle

over jack-in-the-pulpit in deep shade

assist the variegated wood snipe

in its wordy den.

We poke at the blood root,

saucy ramps and sticky milkweed

and snoop (just a little)

in the fungi of ambitious men.

We note the lichen creeping over ideology

as the ferns uncurl

and the spores fly without apology.

We watch the turkey vultures lurk,

count crows at the roadkill tent

of social-jurisprudence, chaos

and manĂ­s manipulative bent.

Oh yes,

we watch the world like poets:

meadow-lulling, rhyming nags

content to meter out the observations

to which these nosy lines are lent.

from Inverse Origami - the art of unfolding
--- Mar (Mistryel) Walker, © 1998