Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lack of Synergies

Today I made a decision to put google ads on as many of my webpages  as I can. I have an amazing amount of content on my various sites - i have quite a few domains or more residing on .mac, (,,,, etc etc ) I have two blogs on blogger, a youtube channel. my content includes prose, poetry, videos, artwork, photos and mp3s. I just keep making more and more of this stuff because I am a compulsive maniac. None of this activity generates income and actually costs money to maintain (DOT MAC is not free....)  My life is seriously in need of income, not that this act will generate anything anytime soon.  In the year 2010 I suppose I will get a check. If I am lucky. The youtube channel though is promising....

Ha - after a year google owes me $22.  Before I'm dead I might get a check, maybe....  UPDATE: Still nowhere near getting a check. Now I can't even figure it out - I think the 22 bucks disapeared somehow or I accidently started a different account. But now I have moved my main blog to word press and not so many hits on blogger.. oh well