Tuesday, May 1, 2007

MIXED MEDIA: the Conductress

This is one of my favorite works. It's fairly recent, from the last two years. I collaged shopping bags from Music Plus, (a local sheet music store in Danbury) and some discarded photocopied music  to a stretched canvas with acrylic medium. The figure I drew on heavy paper with a pencil and I cut it out with sissors as a hollow silloette. Then it was painted red and glued on top of the collage. I changed my mind just recently and painted the figure black and added the baton, which I had actually intended to add when I originally drew the figure. I toyed with the idea of a piano keyboard instead because I couldn't decide what angle the baton should take. The little areas of pastel color are highlighter. pencil, crayon. I like the sense of movement which is created by the angles of the staff lines, the edges of the pages, and where the photocopy machine made a dark area on the page. One little thing I did on purpose - inside the figure there are some blank staves. We are not finished works, new parts can be added, even if the previous melodys are never quite erased.