Thursday, January 15, 2004

In From The Cold at the Bowery Poetry Club 1/1/2004

New Year's Day at the Bowery Poetry Club
-- an old post moved from the Metaphoratorium

With hundreds of involved and expectant listeners, a backdrop of floor to ceiling artwork draped over raw brick walls, and a crop of wild-eye poets reving with no holds bared - The 10th Anuual New Year's Day Alternative Poetry/Performance Extravaganza held this year at the Bowery Poetry Club, was a marvel! Called "In From The Cold" it featured hunderds of poets.Each reader had three minutes before some flag waving and electronic noise kicked in to limit the selections to the alloted time. Readings began at 2:30PM and ran until midnite. Many thanks to Bob Holden of the Bowery Cafe for this wonderful event. It was video taped and there was a book table at the back.

The Ct delgation included Dasha Walters (above, photo by the Sampsons), Robin Sampson, Eli Cleary, Sandra Ebner, John Jeffrey, John Basinger, Faith and Peter Vicinanza, Alice-Ann Harwood, me (Mistryel aka Mar Walker) and possibly some I have missed. For an additional account of the event go to:

In addition let me make a plug for the Bowery Cafe. What a fabulous place. Walking in, I felt at home immediately. The people were eclectic and interesting and welcoming. There is a coffee/food bar and a lliquorbar so all manor of persons can get their chosen libations without difficulty. (The coffee bartender read a very gripping poem mediating peace between the Jewish and Muslim traditions.) Try this open mike. It's worth the commute.