as a poet

Mar (Mistryel) Walker:
Poet, a painter, performer, singer-songwriter. multi-media, imperfect human being. etc etc. Founded and was editor-in-cheif of the lit e-zine Bent Pin Quarterly. Somehow managed to eke out two chapbooks: Inverse Origami the art of unfolding, (1998), and Tabernacle of Bees (2011), and an digital album of songs - These Broken Years. During the 2011 National Poetry Slam in Cambridge, MA, I was lucky enough to be a competitor on the good hearted, all for poetry - Team White Plains, NY.

My poems have been published in ta variety of venues online and in print. I served seven years in local print journalism, and am a graduate of Charter Oak State College.

A few:
 * Free Space  *  Industrial Accidents *  The Art of Death *  Hexidecimal Seduction

Playlist of my poems on Youtube:

My page on ShijinLive:

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My very first chapbook (from 1998),  Inverse Origami - the art of unfolding is now available for reading though Google Books....   If you visit its page on  you can download a pdf file of the book via a dropdown menu on the upper right. Or you can view a full text preview on this page by either scrolling down, or clicking the arrows, or jumping to the table of contents and clicking on each poem title. Very cool, Google!!!